Targeted kpi dashboards for SME entrepreneurs and webshops

Targeted Dashboards

Entrepreneur, check in. And reach your destination

Running a business is a journey. How that journey unfolds is partly in your control. Will it be a restless journey full of turbulence, ending in an emergency landing? Or a pleasant flight in which you reach your destination in comfort. If you go for the latter, check in now at KOKPIT. Check in right now via the button below.

Your dashboard, your cockpit

Dirk de Groot owner of Kokpit

Together with you I, Dirk de Groot, develop a custom dashboard of your company. Not just an overview of important company data, but a super clear steering cab. A focused dashboard that shows you at a glance how your company is doing, on its way to the next destination. You get a grip, experience peace of mind and achieve success. You will not only achieve goals, but also enjoy the growth and flourishing of your company.

My help

After years of experience as a business and data analyst, I know how important it is to manage with relevant KPIs within your organization. I will personally guide you in reading and interpreting your dashboard. Beforehand, we discuss your ambition and goals together. After the implementation of your dashboard, you will receive my monthly or quarterly consultation. Here we spar together about the results and necessary actions.

A dashboard from KOKPIT

  • Ideal for SMEs and web shops
  • For grip, success and fulfillment
  • Steers by the right KPIs
  • Helps achieve goals
  • Personalized guidance on interpretation

Satisfied customers

Gerard Hiemstra Manager of Buwalda Rioolservice

"Working with KOKPIT feels familiar, Dirk gives his full commitment so there is always a common goal"

Gerard Hiemstra, Manager of Buwalda Rioolservice