The wheelhouse inside

Example of a kpi dashboard

Below you have access to two real-world kpi dashboards. The numbers are obviously fictitious, but the whole gives a good impression of reality. One dashboard is for a service provider, the other for a web shop. For both I give a brief explanation.

Example kpi dashboard: service provider

A service provider provides one-time or structural services. Or both. With structural services, there is often a contract or subscription form; the client purchases a set number of hours per month. The number of subscription hours and clients are perfect ingredients for a monthly and annual goal. You can find these on the "Sales" tab. As you can see, this entrepreneur is well on his way to meeting his annual goal.

Example kpi dashboard: Webshop

A webshop is a source of useful data. But without a dashboard, you can quickly lose the overview and the right focus. Especially when you run multiple shops, a dashboard is essential. With a dashboard you ensure a clear separation between webshops and prevent, for example, that one webshop offsets the other. In the example you come across KPIs that are typical for a webshop, such as margin, conversion and return percentage. Kokpit has recently developed a completely new dashboard specifically for webshop entrepreneurs, experience how you as a webshop entrepreneur can now take the wheel.

Are you missing a particular type of organization as an example? Or maybe you have a great suggestion of your own? Let me know!