Showing the face of the owner of Kokpit

About KOKPIT, about Dirk

At KOKPIT, we understand that as an entrepreneur, you are looking for growth and success. But sometimes it feels like you're flying on a cloudy day with no clear vision. We are here to help you!

Your tour guide: Dirk de Groot

As a down-to-earth northerner and the captain behind KOKPIT & Jouwaiconsultant, I, Dirk de Groot, have a passion for working together on concrete goals, both business and personal. I enjoy the tangible results we achieve, but just as much the journey towards them.

I am addicted to tennis, where the goal is clear: win. This sense of purpose is also present in my life and work. After treatment for a bone tissue tumor in 1995, I learned to accept the situation, see problems as challenges and grow from them. This applies to your business as well: see problems as challenges, adapt, set realistic goals and achieve them.

Lack of understanding

As an entrepreneur, you want to grow and achieve goals. But without a clear understanding of your performance and KPIs (key performance indicators), that can feel like flying in the fog.

Our Solution

After years of experience as a business and data analyst, I know how important it is to steer with relevant KPIs within your organization. That's why KOKPIT helps you take the wheel. We provide you with the tools and insights to navigate your business to success. We do this together.

Your Success

With KOKPIT, you can rely on a clear vision and strategy for your business. You will not only achieve your ambition and associated goals, but also enjoy the growth and flourishing of your business. Ready to navigate to success? Leave a message or request a free demo.