Roadmap for creating your dashboard

Seat belts fixed

In 4 steps to your dashboard

Step1: We chart your current situation

No two businesses are the same, and thus neither is a dashboard. To get your situation and needs as sharp as possible, we make an appointment. This can be done physically or via an image link. We get better acquainted, I ask questions, listen and take notes.

Step2: I make a proposal

Based on the current situation and needs, I make a proposal. In this proposal you get an indication of what needs to be done in terms of content. In addition, I make an estimate for the lead time and costs.

Step3: Working together

Time to set up your dashboard. We do this together because as an entrepreneur, you know exactly how your organization works and what's going on. I will also need you to collect and correctly interpret all the information. With my expertise as a data analyst, I then form all the information into a clear and focused dashboard. Ready for take off?

Step4: Your dashboard is ready, take off!

Your dashboard is now all set. You now experience grip. And peace. This is the basis for success. The management information in your dashboard will need to be updated regularly. We agree in advance whether this will happen monthly or quarterly. This way you keep the steering wheel in your hands. Do you need guidance in running your business in addition to the dashboard? Let me know.

Step0: Start now

Take the next step as an entrepreneur today and request a demo. In this no-obligation, online demo, I'll show you how a dashboard can work for you. We get acquainted and you can ask all your questions.