Why a targeted kpi dashboard?

Your bucket list on the move

3 reasons for a dashboard

1. You want more grip, more peace of mind

Entrepreneurship is a great adventure. But the downside can be that you experience restlessness. Sleepless nights even. With a dashboard you can prevent this. You know exactly how your business is doing, you can adjust in time and focus on the right things. You have grip. That gives peace of mind and is the basis for success.

2. You want to set and achieve goals

Objectives require data. But the word "data" gives many entrepreneurs the creeps. It sounds boring and difficult. But that's why there are dashboards. On a dashboard, important data comes together in a clear overview. Understandable for everyone, even if you have nothing to do with data. Once you know where you stand, you can determine where you are going. You'll see: it's motivating. Not only for you, but also for your staff.

3. You want more profit

Do you operate by instinct - and are you doing quite well - but do you know deep down that there is much more to gain? Even then a dashboard is a godsend. It enables you to check your 'feeling' against the facts (the data) and make the right choices accordingly.

Dirk de Groot - owner Kokpit and Jouwaiconsultant

I, Dirk de Groot, am happy to work with you to develop a dashboard that suits your situation and needs. How? You can read about it in the step-by-step plan or experience it in a free demo.

Or view through short videos how an organizational dashboard works