Dashboard 'customized' for your webshop

Kokpit has developed a dashboard for you which is specifically aimed at webshop(s). The most important KPIs are included in this dashboard. Think for example of your gross result, turnover, marketing costs, conversion percentage and average order value. Both prognosis and realization are visible, so you can immediately see whether you are still on track!

You can also see the sales funnel and the drop off between steps within the funnel. So you can immediately see how many visitors drop off in the shopping cart each month. In addition, you can see from which channel and in what proportion your sales are coming.

The dashboard is always aligned with your kpi's

Not every webshop is the same, some deal with many or few returns. Some work with drop-shipment suppliers, others buy everything in stock themselves. Because not all web shops focus on the same KPIs, customization is possible within the dashboard. Beforehand, we determine together which (main) KPIs we are going to focus on. We also check to what extent all information is available and determine the definition of the kpi's together. The figures from your bookkeeping are often leading. Before we start steering we make a forecast together, this forecast is processed in the dashboard.

Working together

After this preliminary process, Kokpit makes sure the dashboard is linked to your data. In the initial phase, we often do this manually. If we are going to manage structurally in the longer term (and know exactly which KPIs to focus on), we will examine whether we can link the dashboards directly to your system. Think of an automatic link with your accounting package, webshop and google analytics. This sometimes requires an investment because, for example, an API link must be built. The benefits must outweigh the costs.

Kokpit watches, analyzes, reports and provides monthly consultation

In addition to the dashboard, you get a monthly consultation. Kokpit looks into your dashboard, analyzes the information and will report on it monthly. Every month we have a short consultation together and every quarter we discuss the figures in detail. For example, how the realization compares to the forecast we made beforehand. Through the dashboard you can see what is happening and you can take timely action to influence the figures.

Example of a webshop dashboard

Start now

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